Just a Little Bit Better

If you’ve ever given any thought to how an Olympic athlete got where they were you likely came up with the word sacrifice.

The thing is though, not all of us have aspirations to become Olympic athletes but we can still learn from some of the approaches.

The thing about getting healthy, losing weight or changing your lifestyle is that we don’t need to even come close to sacrificing on the same level as an Olympic athlete.

All we need to do is be a little bit better than yesterday, last week, last month or even last year.

But what does a little bit better look like?

Taking Stock

One way is to recollect all the so-called “bad habits” that you would like to change.  For example, drinking too much soft drink every day.  Not eating enough fruit and vegetables or other healthy meals.  Not exercising.  Go ahead, make a list either mental or in written form.

Now take a long look at the list.  Your mind will likely introduce bad words like “should” and “shouldn’t”.  The thing about minds is they love to talk in absolutes.  Everything is either good or bad.  We “shouldn’t” be doing all of these bad things.  We “should” be doing all of these good things.

One Small Step

The thing is though, we only need to be a little bit better.  If you currently drink 2 cans of soft drink a day, go ahead and try cutting that down to one can.  If that seems unfeasible, try even reducing the weekly count by one.

Remember that dramatic changes are often unrealistic and unsuccessful.  It’s much better to take the approach of compounding.  Make one small change today, and then build on it over time.

You’re human, I’m human and we’re all human which means we aren’t and never will be perfect, so why place perfect demands on ourselves?

Where to Start

Depending on what your goals are, figuring out where to start can be a plethora of possibility.  But just to get you thinking, here are some ideas:

  • Walk for 10 minutes a day (it doesn’t have to be every day either, figure out something you can commit to)
  • Walk for 45-60 minutes a week (try a longer walk once a week, or a hike)
  • Instead of walking, it could be cycling or any other activity too
  • Eat one piece of fruit a day (take a banana or apple to work for a snack)
  • Drink a large glass of water every morning.

Go Further

And once you’ve successfully created a small habit, try to go just that little bit further.  Walk 5 extra minutes, or eat one extra healthy item.

Rather than focusing on the end goal, just focus on the here and now and try to be just a little bit better.

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