Headspace Productivity Pack Review

Back in June I reviewed Headspace as an app on a whole and discussed how it works and if it’s worth it.  This time I would like to look closer at the Headspace Productivity Pack.

I typically do the daily Headspace lucky dip meditations but was inspired to try the productivity pack after a colleague at Sumo recommended it.

What is the Productivity Pack?

The Headspace productivity pack focuses on the skill of becoming more productive at whatever task you wish.  Generally, this will be work focused however it can easily be applied to any experience really.

It could be chores around the house, building or hobby projects at home or anything that calls for focus.

How does the Productivity Pack work?

The productivity pack aims to teach sustained gentle focus on a given task.  The point of being sustainable is to ensure that you can focus for longer periods without burning out while keeping a gentle but deliberate attitude towards the task.

Like most basic mindfulness meditations this skill is mostly taught via noting and focusing on the breath.  In this case, focusing on the breath acts as a placeholder for focusing on a real-life task, while noting works to notice distractions without judgement or getting caught up in them.


The productivity pack is based on the most basic of mindfulness skills so it is perfect for beginners.  Even if it’s not specifically productivity you wish to enhance, but mindfulness itself then you will get benefit from the pack.

If you haven’t done so yet, also check out the full Headspace app review.

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