Headspace Patience Pack Review

Next, in the series of Headspace reviews, I took on the Headspace Patience Pack.  This one was a fitting follow up to the Headspace Anxiety Pack as I found them quite similar in nature and also they are very similar in everyday life.

When you think about it being impatient often makes us feel anxious, it kind of is another form of anxiety.  And feeling anxious can often make us impatient.

Impatience can manifest in various ways but often there’s a trigger, a situation that occurs makes us react in a certain way.  This is usually due to our conditioning and how we react internally to the trigger.

How we choose to experience a situation internally determines how we will experience it all throughout.

This could be based on external factors such as always waiting for one someone else, or it could be internal factors.  It could even be a job or routine we have to perform.

But regardless of what the trigger is, like anything else we always have an opportunity for awareness at that moment to make a choice.  Often the choice is made for us, through lack of awareness but by cultivating awareness and seeing more clearly the choice point becomes available.

What is the Headspace Patience Pack?

If you describe yourself as an “impatient person”, or you simply want to practice more patience in a specific area then the patience practice will help you work on how you react to your impatient trigger.

Much like the anxiety pack, the patience pack is all about awareness (seeing clearly), acknowledging and finally letting go.

As such this requires formal practice, in the meditation but also ongoing everyday life practice.  It’s important to remember that you won’t change into a patient Buddha in 10-days.

The practice is just the beginning, and depending on how old you are, and how long you have been conditioning your current reactions, the more time it’s going to take to un-condition.

That is why Andy recommends you complete the pack a number of times.  Whether this is consecutively, or broken up by other packs is a personal decision.

Rotating through common themed packs a number of times can be one way to approach it.  This way you don’t get bored with the same pack over and over, but still get lots of overlapping practice in for a few months of focused change.

How does the Headspace Patience Pack Work?

The Headspace Patience pack is a shorter set of guided meditations over only 10-days this time.

All of these 10 days are focussed on noting, just as in the anxiety and productivity packs.  While it may sound repetitive, the focus is always slightly different in each of these meditations.

The everyday life homework practices are always different too.  In the patience pack homework, your goal is to see impatience as you go about your day and build upon your awareness skills.

Once impatience has been observed you simply acknowledge it through noting what it is, then letting go by focussing back on your task at hand.


I believe impatience is something that affects the majority of us in some way or another.  While some people may be impatient in many aspects of life, others may only be impatient in a few situations.

Regardless of how impatient you are, or what your patience triggers are, the Headspace Patience Pack is worth adding to your regular rotation.

Remember, while we are being impatient we are also not being calm or content, so cultivating more patience is certainly an ongoing life-skill that can bring more peace to our lives.

I for one will definitely be revisiting it in the future and if you haven’t done so yet, also check out the full Headspace app review.