Dillenger Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review

I purchased the Dillenger Street Legal Electric Bike Kit (Samsung Power 2.0) in August 2017.  After just over a year of use, I have gotten to know this kit quite and we are able to see if it stands up to the test of time.

What is the Dillenger Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

The Dillenger Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a complete kit to convert a standard road, mountain or commuter bike to a complete electric bike.

The electric bike conversion kit works on all bicycles with a rim size of 20″ right through to 27.5″ and 700C.  This includes 29″ mountain bikes.

Generally, the only limiting factor for the kit will be the frame size and how much space is required inside the down frame for the large electric bike battery.

While most road bikes and mountain bikes are fine, some specialty bikes such as those with dual suspension may not provide sufficient space for the battery.

Dillenger does have an optional rear rack which mounts on the seat post to allow rear mounting of the battery.

What comes with the Dillenger Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

When the package arrives, all of the components are well protected in cardboard boxes.  The following items come with the electric bike kit:

  • Front Rim (size dependent on order), Spoked with Hub Motor
  • Battery (the heaviest item of all)
  • Battery Charging Brick
  • LCD Controller and Handlebar Mounting Hardware
  • Throttle (fitting is optional)
  • Brake Sensors (fitting is optional)
  • Pedal Assist Sensor (fitting is optional)
  • Cables
  • Zip Ties

You will notice how a few of the items are optional.  This makes the kit flexible and personalised to the installer.  Some people prefer pedal assist while others prefer full throttle control, and others a combination of both.

I am personally just using the pedal assist mode on mine, as the handlebars are already very crowded with brake levers and gear shifters, phone holders, bells, etc.  Also, I have no desire to use manual throttle control and am quite happy to pedal.

How Easy is the Kit to Install?

The electric bike kit was very easy to install if you have any kind of experience with bike maintenance and assembly.  I won’t say anyone can install it, as it might be beyond some reach, however, if you have experience assembling bikes and other minor mechanical related items you will likely have the aptitude for it.

Expect around 1-2 hours for a neat installation.  The kit is very easy to install, and most of the time is spent making things look nice, zip tying cables to present in the nicest manner and what not.

Simply start by removing your existing front rim, removing the tyre and tube and transferring them over to the front forks of your bike.

The battery holder has a cage which bolts in place of the drink bottle holder on most standard bikes using the same two screws.  Keep in mind, this does mean losing your drink bottle holder however you can place it elsewhere with a universal kit available in most online bike stores.

The pedal assist sensor clips around the left (non-cog) side of the pedal arm and a small sensor clips around the centre pole.  The sensor works by reading the revolutions from the small magnets embedded in the rotating clip.

Finally, mount all your chosen hardware on the handlebars, starting with the LCD controller on the stem.  Keep in mind the throttle and brake sensors are optional.

The brake sensors detect when you use the brake levers and cut power to the motor to aid in braking.  I had trouble with these fitting my Shimano Rapidfire gear and brake levers given the design of the levers so I have not used this feature.

Keep in mind although numbers such as 25-34 km/hour seem quite slow, on a bike with rolling momentum you will need to plan your braking well in advance before coming to intersections or other crossing points.

How Does the Kit Perform?

The kit performs very well when using pedal assist, with the level of assist adjustable from 1 to 9.  Generally, the key is matching your bike gear to the level of assist you would like based on how much exertion you feel your legs need.

For example, at level 5 you may find you can use gear 17 comfortably for increased battery range and a speed that your comfortable with, based on the terrain and other obstacles you are travelling along.

I do most of my riding along a dedicated bike path alongside the expressway so there are little obstacles apart from crossing the road every few kilometres.

While the kit does come pre-locked to 25 km/hour to comply with the Australian Electric Bike speed limit laws, it can be unlocked using a key combination to access the settings in the LCD controller.

Dillenger Electric Bike Display

Once unlocked, the kit is good for approximately 33-34 km/hour on PAS level 9 for a comfortable ride.  At this level, the range is good for approximately 50-60 km of travel depending on wind resistance and the level of terrain.


The Dillenger Street Legal Electric Bike Conversion Kit is an excellent complete kit that will fit almost any bike at a great price point.

Compared to the cost of some dedicated electric bikes, the conversion kit presents great value for money at a fraction of the price.

With the cost of travelling in a motor vehicle often topping $10,000 per year in some cases, the kit is also a great way to commute to and from work for some distance with very little running costs.

If you have solar power, the cost of recharging is basically free, and you will just require some yearly bike maintenance such as a new chain ($18 or thereabouts), some tyres and tubes and keeping the cables well maintained.

Despite the assistance of the motor, an electric bike is still a great way to keep fit without over-exertion or excess sweating too.

Garmin 645 Watch

I wear a Garmin Heartrate Monitor watch and am still able to push the heart rate up to 160 BPM in some cases or settle in for a long 140 BPM aerobic workout.

I would rate this kit 8/10 with my main complaint being the items adding to the frame can become quite crowded if you were to install them all, as well as the bunching of zip-tied cables to the frame that isn’t able to be hidden inside the frame as well as a dedicated electric bike.

This is a minor detail though, and in no way affects the performance of the electric bike kit.

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